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Raesoleil Courses - on Campus!

Resiliency Foundations

This 10-step on-demand course will set you on your path to greater personal resiliency.

The skillset you acquire will help you at home and at work, with a balanced approach to managing the demands of life.

You will become more resilient in 4 key areas: physical health, mental & emotional health, your relationships, and in your workplace/career.

It’s time to create the life you want.

Resilient Leadership Series

In order to achieve results, you need a focused, agile and engaged team, working to their best capacity.

Employees stay in their job when they feel supported by a boss or supervisor that cares. Leaders who have empathy, provide clear guidance, and make people feel listened to, seen, and valued are the key to building a strong culture.

In this 4-part webinar series, your leadership team will learn how to support well-being at work, create a great employee experience, become resilient and effective leaders, and retain an engaged workforce.

What could you achieve with a healthy, happy, engaged team that appreciates a great culture?  Let's find out...

Health Human Resource Shortage

Co-designing Solutions with Credible ROI

2 day on-line Workshop

It's never been more important to invest in people strategies - to retain and engage valuable staff.

But how do you get the C-suite to invest in solutions?

By using a credible methodology to calculate the Return on Investment (ROI), isolate the effects of the program, measure impact, and communicate results.

Leadership Mastery - Coming Soon! 

Courses being designed:

* Communication Mastery - enhance your verbal, written and presentation skills

* Polish Your Customer Service Skills - and see sales, profits, customer loyalty and referrals soar!

* Enhance Your Leadership Presence - Get that Promotion!

* Run Meetings Like a Boss - from the 1st impression (the invitation) through to tangible outcomes (both in-person & virtual settings)

* You are a Career-preneur - Create a Leadership Action Plan that Gets Results

* Negotiation Skills - Ask for a Higher Starting Salary with Confidence and Diplomacy

* Build Your Personal Brand - identify your key words and unique value proposition - to maximize your success

* Return on Investment (ROI) - write a business case that gets the attention of the C-suite by calculating & communicating the ROI

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