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Keynote Presentation, CAPhO Annual Meeting

Raelynn presented a keynote address to the Canadian Association of Pharmacy in Oncology (CAPhO) Annual Meeting in Toronto on April 14, 2023. "Retention Strategies to Address the Post Pandemic Human Resource Crisis in Healthcare".

Using “Stay Interviews” to Engage and Retain Healthcare Staff

Employee turn-over and staff shortages have been a problem in healthcare for a long time, and the pandemic turned it into a crisis. Many organizations conduct exit interviews when an employee is leaving, but it’s also important to have meaningful conversations with existing staff so they choose to stay and rebuild the workplace of the future.

Retention & Recruitment: 2 Sides of the Healthcare HR Coin

We all know the importance of recruitment, but healthcare leaders at all levels are increasingly turning their focus to retention as the key to a sustainable workplace. Retention and recruitment are 2 sides of the same coin! In this webinar, we’ll explore effective retention strategies and creative ways to enhance the candidate experience. This discussion will address how to effectively recruit, onboard and retain your talent. It’s time to rethink and modernize our approach to healthcare human resources.

Let's Get Real About the Health HR Crisis

It's time to get real about the Health Human Resource crisis. As we meet with health care leaders, we notice that very few are talking about their turn-over rate nor the cost to replace those valuable healthcare professionals.  Join us for a discussion with Dr. Paul Woods, Chief Strategy Officer Caring Support and former CEO of a large Canadian Health Sciences Centre; Suzanne Schell, CEO, ROI Institute Canada; Raelynn Douglas, CEO, Raesoleil Consulting, and Patrick Thiele, Chief Operating Officer at Applichat Healthcare.