About Raesoleil...


What is Raesoleil?

A message from Raelynn Douglas, Founder and CEO.

I created this company, Raesoleil, to help individuals and leaders become more resilient and therefore improve their lives - at home and at work.

By increasing resiliency in individuals and building stronger leadership teams, we can enhance the culture and make the workplace more humane. But we can’t do this by just telling people to take a yoga class, or expecting them to be more productive - it is a shared responsibility! If leaders recognize this, support employee well-being, and take steps to create a better workplace - people respond.

After a long career in Finance and healthcare, I pursued my MBA – driven to find innovative solutions to our workforce challenges. The “aha” moment for me occurred when I calculated the huge cost of burn-out, turn-over and churn and realized we are wasting millions of $$ that mostly goes unnoticed.  Why?  We haven't calculated the cost of low retention rates and high replacement costs.  We also struggle to quantify the 'intangibles' - the burn-out, stress and low productivity resulting from increased pressure on staff and leaders left behind.

If we are constantly replacing staff, it's impossible to consider higher wages and benefits, training budgets get decreased, staff become disgruntled and leave - it is a downward spiral.  It's time to do something about this!

When we retain our valuable staff, those funds can be redirected to higher wages, benefits, training … allowing companies to become profitable, hire more staff, increase wages and create the workforce of the future!

Some simple but effective solutions can ‘stop the bleeding’ and allow companies to thrive. When employees are supported and engaged, they perform and achieve outcomes, they offer better services, create happier clients, increase profits, AND they recommend their workplace to friends and neighbours - it's a win:win situation!

I am driven to create a revolution of kindness in the workplace. We spend far too much time at work to be unhappy while we are there!

I hope you will join me in this pursuit.

Resiliency is Our Superpower

Resiliency ... we already possess it to some degree – it is inside us AND we can grow more of it!

By taking small steps every day, we can become better, stronger, healthier, more resilient versions of ourselves - and then share that renewed energy with those around us.

I am inspired every day by leaders who share their positive energy and calm, unwavering guidance to those around them.  I admire those who provide extra kindness and compassion to those who are struggling, feeling weak or afraid, or at their lowest point in life.

We all know of someone who needs this kind of support.  We sometimes need it ourselves.

When we are stronger and more resilient, we are better able to care for each other.

I am excited to partner with individuals and leaders who recognize that they can make a change, they can bring more energy into their lives, and they can create an environment where people around them can thrive too.

Please reach out to see how I can help you or your team - and thank you - for everything you do!



What’s in a name?

Raesoleil is a combination of my name (Rae) and the French word for sun (soleil).

It is a play on the words - a ‘ray of sunshine’ - a reminder of how sunshine on a rainy day can improve your mood and increase your energy, just because the sun started to shine.

My goal is to share warmth, energy, inspiration (and practical tools) with those who are feeling tired, depleted or completely worn out.

You can think of my services as offering a comforting hug and a boost of energy - taking the load off of you, or your team, so you can reflect, focus, and recharge before beginning again.

It’s like having a cup of coffee with someone who listens without judgement and says ‘you’re not alone - we'll get through this, together’.

Let’s have a conversation…

Words of Inspiration

"Ask not for a lighter load, but for stronger shoulders."

          - Jewish Proverb

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."

          - Vivian Greene

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."

          - Dr. Seuss


"Pleased with the depth of your analysis - the framework is very helpful to address the problem of employee engagement, retention and resiliency."

- CEO, Service Provider Organization, Ontario

"Great training! 10/10 ... Raelynn is the perfect person to do this work - she was engaging and provoked thought and self-reflection."

                              - Leader, Sask Health Quality Council